Thomas Greenhill is a 32-year-old man who wears light armor with green and brown clothes that help him blend into the woods. His face is mostly in the shadow, but on occasion that someone does see it, they would see dark green eyes that seem to pierce through them. He also has black tussled hair and eyebrows. He's equipped with a hand-and-a-half sword and a shortbow. He is first seen on page 94.


Some would say one thing, another would say something else. He has one personality, but can pose as many. In fact, if you asked some, they would say he doesn't have a personality. However, his actual personality is one of kindness, tainted only by his loyalty to the human cuase. He would follow anyone in a position of authority into a furnace, such is his loyalty. He has a high sense of honor, and will not kill sleeping or defenseless opponents. He sees dragons as sentient beings of honor fairly that are equal to humans. He likes honor, valor, and combat; but dislikes cowardice, beer, wine, and dishonor.