Name: Thirty-Third Parallel

Age: 68

Appearance: A sinewy, tough-looking woman with hard grey eyes and cropped black hair. She has aged well and is thus justified in wearing the fitted leather armour, along with Romanesque armoured sandals. Over this she wears a banded-mail jerkin and finally a swallow-sleeved leather greatcoat decked out in the muddy browns and greys that make up the palette of urban guerilla warfare. She has a black leather utility belt shot through with multifarious knives and oddly-shaped clubs, some balanced for throwing but mostly just tools, and a brace of shortswords are worn on baldrics in a cross formation at her sides. She carries a large pack on her back as well as a short hunting bow and an eku; a large, oar-shaped weapon she uses as a cross between self-defence and a walking stick.

Personality: She is diffident and cold, but fiercely loyal to whatever friends she happens to make. She devoted her life to studying the martial arts of the previous world, in the hopes of making a truly global MMA. However, she did not completely succeed, having been isolated for twenty years in sub-Saharan Africa. Not even she remembers her real name, and her moniker is taken from the divide between old North and South Korea, where she mastered hapkido for five years

Weapons: Within easy reach are her eku, twin shortswords, shuriken, throwing knives, daggers and Maori clubs, one of which telescopes into a tewhatewha. Inside her pack and on it are a telescoping trisool spear, a coiled urumi, a vaguely Saxon-looking handaxe, war arrows for her bow, a greenstone-bladed tomahawk and a flammenschwert tied to the back. On her offhand arm is a disarming cloak used when fighting human adversaries. However, her limbs are perhaps the deadliest weapons of all, due to a combination of unarmed techniques from around the world before it burned.

Opinion of dragons: Ambivalent. She can see where the dragons are coming from; centuries of enslavement and bondage and you have a right to be at least somewhat aggrieved. That does not, in her eyes at least, mean that she should go around trashing the place. She will outright refuse to fight them unless they attack her, although how far this comes from a respect for dragons as much as from a lifetime of martial arts is debatable.

Likes: Learning new fighting styles; decent food (fish in particular); art; minimalist poetry; walking.

Dislikes: Unnecessary socialising; being attacked; being treated like a second-class citizen for being over thirty, female, or both; having to kill; having to prove herself to others these days; having to fight dragons when they could just talk things out.

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