The Tetonic Army of War Dragons to Obliterate Humanity, or Tawdoh for short is the dragon equivalent of the Empricon. Their goal is to either destroy all of humanity or enslave them under dragon rule. They have a large army, and special soldiers due to scientific research started by Shat.

Led by the Dragon Generals, this group has successfully created two serums that result in two different things.

The first is a magic serum. It enables the user to use incredibly stronger magic then before for 5 hours straight before having to rest for the rest of the day. The only side effects are an increased fear of attacking forces which means unless they are near a commanding officer they are unlikely to attack unless ordered by said officer.

The second is a strength serum. It enables the user to grow in physical strength and size, it is still not known if it is permanent. This serum lasts 30 minutes before the subject has to eat a significant amount or rest for 1.5 hours. This serum gives the dragon no side effects apart from an increased aggression and lower IQ.