Taro was a small dragon who had been one of the ones at Hope's Ranch, but had escaped without suffering the soul injection. He ran away and found himself in a small town and eventually learned what his 'magic skill' was; He could make anything out of anything. He eventually made a flying machine, and was out flying when he ran into the little dragons in Minerva's care.

Taro falls off his flying machine and gains amnesia, forgetting his hate of humans and going home with Minerva. Using his skills, he once makes a time machine for the little ones (He never actually know what was going on, fully.)

So far he has made:

Flying Machine.



Cake making machine.

Appearance: Personality: Cocky, techno, skeptical. Powers: Tinker: Can make most things out of anything. Flamethrower: Made himself a harness for his mouth which allows him to blow fire out of his mouth. Opinion of Humans: hates them. Likes: Hybrids, Dragons Dislikes: Humans.