Shat is an opal coloured dragon. He was seen by Laura working for Empricon during her time there. Not much else is known.



Shat is able to reflect any magic inflicted upon him back at half the power. He can do this with the same attack atleast two times from a single attack. He is also very fast and agile, so as to avoid attacks.

He also has a secondary power. He only uses this power when his other power fails. It involves crystals. He can either encase his entire body in spiked crystals, or send the crystal Running down in a straight line to encase anything under 5cm near the ground in a crystal like substance, or if in the air send it in a straight line for a meter or two. This substance is impossible to break, but only lasts a short amount of time(A minute or two) and is weak to extreme heat or cold.


He has a time limit in which he can use it. And he can only copy an attack if it is directed at him. He is not very strong.

Likes: Hot chips.

Dislikes: 'Pedestrians'.

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