A former slave dragon who's the son of a daydream mother, whom he inherited his powers from, and a guardian father, who he got his looks from.


Seth is a reserved and protective dragon who loves being around humans and is loyal to his friends.


Being a guardian dragon, he can turn his furry tailtip into a large shield which he uses to protect his friends from danger. His daydream blood also allows him to cast illusions into the enemies' minds to fool them.


Events before the RPEdit

Unlike most other dragons, Seth lived with a human who treated him better than the other slave masters did.

The SpellEdit

Seth is first seen wandering out of a village with his saddle and reins still on. He then approaches Nick's group asking where his master is as he needs him to get the bridle off so that he can eat. Nick helps out him instead since Seth's master might have been eaten by dragons. Then he sees his long lost sister, Sophia, among the group but is disappointed when he sees that she's not happy with his presence. Seth watches Nick and Rein interact playfully until Kaida and Ryu stumble into the camp. He wonders why they're sneaking around until they tell him that they were lost. The camp goes back to sleep.

The next day after Nick removes his saddle, the group goes deeper into the forest to avoid having the war reach them. Seth suggests the boy should ride Rein as she needs some exercise if she wants to be a strong dragoness. Soon they hear a blood-curtling roar and Torzue wonders what's making that sound. Seth becomes Nick's friend and after his sister rejects him. They encounter Atlas fighting some huntsmen, the latter of which he is happy to see. He deems Kathia his new master and the girl tries to coax him into becoming her slave, but his friends try to tell him that she's a bad person who kills dragons. Kathia keeps trying to convince him until Sophia insults humans, to which she insults dragons back. Offended, Seth decides to take Nick over her and Kathia gives up and flees, now that she's out of comrades to fight the group with.

Then after Sophia and Nick have an argument about the boy being evil, Seth holds her tail to keep from eating him.