Username: En'K'Haral
Name: Sapphire Sintarath
Age: 0
Appearance: Sapphire is a young hatchling, like her father Malice her scales are broad and plated but have ab orangey-red colour. Like her mother she too has a frill on her head and running along her spine. Her eyes are hazel in colour and being a hatchling she is very short. Her wings haven't grown in just yet.
Personality: Although she can be aggressive she doesn't share her father's ambition, and is more of a prankster. She enjoys playing jokes on other dragons and tries to create the right opportunities as often as possible.
Powers: As far as powers go she is a magi dragon but has yet to come to her full abilities. She is starting to show some ability in controlling wind and earth and much like her mother seems to be limited to certain seasons, Earth in summer/spring and wind in fall/winter. Her abilities right now don't amount to much though...beyond the playful prank that is. Young as she is she is proving to be very intuitive and curious.
Opinion of Humans: Although she is being raised in an environment that hates humans she finds it hard to believe that they can be so bad and is curious to meet one. Malice has often said that she takes after her grandparents in this manner, and has been strongly discouraging these thoughts of hers.
Likes: Jokes and pranks, flying (or she will when she can) and watching people fly, playing with her sibling and cousins. Her family of course.
Dislikes: not particularly fond of fruit and people with no sense of humour, nor any of her parent's enemies as well. Not that she's met them. She is presuming she won't like them, she's not overly fond of Redfire either