Rudvich is the first continent introduced at the beginning of the RP.

List of Native DragonsEdit

  • Balloon Dragons
  • Bird Dragons
  • Coastal Waverunners
  • Daydream Dragons
  • Darkwyrms
  • Earthwyrms
  • Firebreathers
  • Gold Dragons
  • Grand Copper Dragons
  • Guardian Dragons
  • Horse Dragons
  • Ice Dragons
  • Mint Dragons
  • Moonlight Dragons
  • Neotropical Dragons
  • Night Dragons
  • Nocturne Dragons
  • Northern Whiptail Dragons
  • Pygmy Dragons
  • Skywing Dragons
  • Stone Dragons
  • Sunrise Dragons
  • Sunset Dragons
  • Sweetling Dragons
  • Techno Dragons
  • Thunder Dragons
  • Water Dragons
  • Waterhorse Dragons
  • White dragons

List of CitiesEdit


Rudvick is home to a vareiety of biomes. From burning hot climates to the breezy forest, Rudivck is one of the most diverse continents on the planet. The northern end of Rudvick Is strictly forestation with a small exception of a tiny patch of grassland in the northeast. This extends from the east to the west, decorated with long mountain ranges on either side. Rivers and a few lakes are scattered about to fill the north with a special sense of life. Down in the central reigon, there is a split right down the middle. One half, reaching to the west, is a dry and heated desert. There is little to no water with a single main river running to the ocean through its large canyon. On the other side, which goes to the east, is a more pleasant rainforest. While it is a rather uncomfortable place for humans with it's heat and constant moisture, it is home to many other species. There is one main river that stems many arms throughought the area and is just short of connecting to a large lake. Down south is pure grasslands. There are very scarce amount of trees, leaving an open feeling to its inhabitants. From one end to the other, there are no lakes but rather scattered, long rivers.