Marie is one of the few short-lived characters in the RP. She is a young girl who lives in the village of Cyprus, the first village seen in the RP, with her mother & pet dog and does most of the chores around her home, such as gardening. She sees a small escape route near the garden and follows it down the path until she gets to a large stone, where she sits on it and eats bread. Soon she hears an "Ow" from someone nearby and goes over to see Doom lying unconscious and bleeding from falling onto the rock. She takes him back to her home, where she leaves him outside on the bench and gets a bandage from her house to put onto his head, hoping it would work to save his life quickly. When Doom wakes up and asks what happened, Marie tells him that he hit his head on a rock. Then she gets her friend, Nicola to look after him while she goes to get out a bowl of hummos and dip some break in it. After some time later in the RP when it is now nighttime, Marie goes to sleep on her bed. It is unknown what happened to her after her last appearance, but it can be assumed that Marie, Nicola, and/or Doom died during the night when the Spell was cast.