Mal-Virshon is a very dangerous and extremely powerful necromancer.

Rank in the EmpiriconEdit

He is one of the council of 6 in the Empiricon.

He is either the 1st or 2nd strongest of them.

Necromancer abilities.Edit

He is a master level necromancer and has the typical abilities of one.

Solid darkness formEdit

Mal-virshon's solid darkness form is shaped roughly like the bottom half of a sphere

When it's used it has a powerful hyper-intense darkness laser, and full max power it can cut through the shielding of a light cruiser airship. Though at this energy it consumes enough power to drain him even with items to help, and can only be done once per battle without except a very high risk of unconsciousness, going into a coma or even death.

It can be done at lower power with no negative effects.

It can seep out large darkness clouds and shoot multiple weaker darkness beams.

Like all solid darkness forms, it can change shape and regenerate from damage as long as the caster has enough power.