Mal-santran Is the main antagonist of the role play.


Age: ??? very old.
Appearance: a ghost, see through.
Personality: cunning, dangerous, sneaky, evil.
Opinion of dragons: They make great undead minoins
Likes: magic, undead, undead, tricking people, and undead.
Dislikes: holy mages, people who ruin his plans.

He is a necromantic ghost.

Rank in the EmpiriconEdit

True leader.

Necromancer level

Depends what he is. (see bellow)



Mal-santran once tried to take over the world, but he was defeated by H.M.A.P. It was then that he died.


current statusEdit

Mal-santran has the book and the darkness crystal. He is ready to begin his transformation to a doom lich.

Powers and abilities.Edit

As a necromancer.Edit

The total of extant of his power as a necromancer is unknown, but it is known that he is a master level necromancer. He likely was able to what other necromancers at that level could.

As a ghost.Edit

As a ghost he has equivalent necromancer power and abilities as a advanced level necromancer. He has much stronger than normal abilities at possessing bodies. He is able to go through solid objects, to be invisible even to people who have cast the detect undead spells (But not the more concentrated ones). He has 10 knife like claws, 5 on each side. Each of them is easily able to rip and slice through flesh, they can even slice through the scales of a dragon.

As a doom lich.Edit

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