Laura grew up on a ranch with Hope, but then THEM took her away. After injecting her with another soul, which nearly overcame her self, and was sent to work with Empricon. (Where she got upto her usual mischief.) After escaping, which she has never actually told anyone about, she finds herself in a town where a group of humans and dragons are heading to battle the empricon. Asking to join they agree and she finds out their names. Minerva, Sai, and Galamonaro. After Gal and Laura get to know each other, and meet Hope, Laura is caught by THEM and transformed back into the other soul. After a fight, Laura returns to normal and her and Gal go and fight in the war.

After the war she and Gal go to a magic volcano, and they get to spend quality time with each other. (They had already worked out they both loved each other.) Then they head over to Minerva's and eventualy enter a tournament. Where they encounter an old Empricon dragon, names Shat.

Appearence: (Pretty close to my current image of Laura, but not exactly right.)

Magic: Laura can use weather magic. But the more she uses, the more tired she gets and if she looses control and goes over her limit she can become unstopable.

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