Fortress by artozi

The lab is located in the NE region of Rudvick. It is right on the coastline, giving acess to pleanty of salt water and serving as a sort of barrier around the lab. The terrain is very rocky in the area with some sand and very little grass. Moving away form the lab is heavy forestation again. A good portion of the lab is underground.


The genetic reasearch lab, or lab for short, was found in order to produce biological weapons. These came to be known as hybrids. They were made by manipulating genes so they were useful as fighting tools. Hybrids and dragons were let loose to roam free on certain levels of the lab. However it was a vicious lab to where the lab rats would fight each other over territory and sometimes food. Only the strongest survived. Each subject had shock collars on that would trigger when they misbehaved or kill them if they escaped. Some hybrids were forced to fight and kill each other to determine what genes were best to keep and put in other hybrids. And determine the strengths of each.

If hybrids escaped they were hunted down by other hybrids from the lab if their collars broke and could not be regularly terminated.

Eventually their strongest hybrid, Albel, had been deemed too powerful to control. They were struggling to command him when he'd started becomming more bull-headed. They tried to terminate him but failed, resulting in Albel slaughtering everyone in the lab. No survivors were left. The only reminants of the lab are the few hybrids still roaming around that has escaped without getting caught.

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