A new bori in the woods by snoopythesmarty

Name: Kayla
Age: Just born

Ties: Son of Minerva and Fayt, sister of Jaden and Nell

Appearence: Link

Personality: Kayla is a quiet, but friendly individual. She is quite happy to let the other person speak and listen intently. She is an avid learner, but not to the extent she will jump for joy. When angered, she can hold a grudge for a long time, she always remembers a face. She also has a strange fear of water.
Powers: She is quite strong and fast, but not as strong or fast as her brethren. She has the ability to make the bands on her body glow slightly in the dark of varying degrees of light; however she is only able to make herself glow slightly at the moment. She inherited her father’s ice breath; however she can only make cold air come out of her mouth at the moment.
Likes: Her family, adventuring, learning, listening.
Dislikes: Being asked hard questions, strangers, being caged(Not allowed freedom to go where she pleases), water.

Weak points: Any blue on her body. Will graduly fade to just the dot on her head.