Kathia was a 17-year-old hunter who first appeared in the RP when she and her group of hunters were fighting Atlas, who was in a weakened state from the dragon poison at that time, before Nick & the others came along to stop them. Her main goal in life is to rid the whole world of dragons in revenge for them using The Spell to terminate the humans' advance weaponry and turning against their masters. Her parents were killed by their dragon slaves who got furious with their horrid treatment of them. This became one of the motivations behind Kathia's ambition of bringing all the dragons to extinction and she won't stop until her quest is complete.

(More will be continued later.)

Currently Kathia is dead, after being eaten by Atlas. Sometime after she died, she was raised from the dead by a necromancer called Brainiel. She is now an for the Empiricon and possess a dead body.


Kathia has a loathing for dragonkind and treats her slaves in a harshfully bossy manner. She wishes to kill all the dragons around the world as she sees them as nothing but evil murderous beasts, after losing her family during the Spell.


Day after the SpellEdit

After killing Atlas's ground-shaking companion, Nick's friends enter the scene with Seth thinking that Kathia is his master. She also sees Nick and tells him to get out of, but he doesn't listen. At first, Kathia is confused wondering why the dragon thinks she is his master until she smartens up and tries to manipulating him into fighting Atlas and helping her dragon-slaying career. But Nick and his friends try to keep his friend from falling into her hands. Kathia resorts to giving false promises of food, shelter, grooming, and care to Seth. But this fails when Sophia points out that she murdered a dragon and nearly gives Atlas the same fate and insults Kathia by saying that all humans were souless liars, to which Kathia foolishly retorts by calling all dragons giant ugly monsters. This makes Seth take Nick's side and the infuriated girl decides to give up and resorts to the idea of stealing an egg and raising the hatchling as her personal slave. As she leaves, she is disgusted at the though of Nick living happily with the murderous beasts called dragons and sees the charred corpses of her allies to further prove her belief. Kathia returns to the slayers' camp and gives her report to her captain about killing Atlas and her friend at the cost of all hunters but herself, and even reports about encountering Nick's friends. The captain forgives her as the most important thing is that she made it out alive.