Magma by nJoo

Name: Kaji
Age: 370
Breed: Magma
Gender: Female
Status: Sinlge
Ties: Trainer of Troops in Aquios


Kaji has been the trainer of troops in Aquios since the age of 100. Her training methods are very effective for making tough soldiers. Her methods are also often downright brutal as she trains her troops until they drop. She is incredibly heat resistant, able to swim and bathe in pure molten magma. Her defenses are extremely high in result and are very hard to penetrate. She sacrified a bit of speed in order to perfect defence. Of course since she has such hard defences, being hit by her is much more painful than an average hit.


Kaji is feiry and lively. She talks her mind when she wants to say something. She is far from shy or quiet. Others often follow her directions just for how she speaks- loud and confident. She is good at intimidating others by speaking alone. Kaji friendly when she isn't brutally training someone and can be quite fun.