Painting clouds by zarokin-d3erltr2


Name: Jaden

Gender: Male

Age: Hatchling

Breed: Hybrid

Ties: Son of Minerva and Fayt, brother of Kayla and Nell


Jaden is very energetic and lively. He likes to have fun and is quite friendly. Jaden is also very competitive. He will rise to any challenge and can be very stubborn. He won't abandon those in need and will come to anyone's aid no matter the opponent. While he likes to avoid conflicts, he can be bold when provoked.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Has enhanced speed/strength like normal hybrids
  • His wings are armored
  • He can create razor-wind with his wings
  • Inherited his uncle's (Albel's) magma breath
  • Loves seafood
  • Is a bit of an artist
  • Spirited fighter