Username: Hollyleaf

Name: Fei

Age: 20

Appearance: Quite small, but with rather large forepaws, enabling her to bat away enemies. Has scales hard as diamond the colour of a purple iris, varying to pale silvery lavender in places. Her eyes are silver and her small, sail-like ears are very sensitive. Her sharp claws and teeth are useful, but she prefers to use her powers [See below]. Her wings are thin membranes stretched over her wingbones, but there is a pale white scar like lightning on her right one, the remnant of battles long past.

Personality: Bold, brave, a daredevil. She's always trying to find out if she can be better than someone at this and that. She doesn't like battle very much, but if needed, she will rush to the battlefield at once. Ferocious when angered, which fortunately isn't very often. A chatterbox, cunning and sly, and loves to play practical jokes on her friends and family.

Powers: Manipulating energy, but severe wounds from battle will heal partially due to a few mysterious properties of her scales.

Opinion of Humans: Tends to leave them alone, but her disdain is clear to see and will kill them if her species is threatened while she is present.

Likes: Amethysts, jewels in general, other dragons, battle training.

Dislikes: Humans, rocks that do not contain precious stones/gems, threats to her kind.