Asmodeus was one of two Dracoliches summoned by Galamonaro to searve against the empiricon when the time was right. He and his brother Asmodeus make a pair of twin dracoliches created by a necromancer long ago as a bid for power. In total Galamonaro knows of Five Dracoliches that were used at the time.

Asmodeus is cloaked in shadows and has firey red eyes, he speaks in constant monotone and only seemes to speak single words or short phrases that support or directly contradict his brothers own statements.

His currently known powers consist of creating a sphear of shadow around himself that blinds his targets but that he can see through as well as breath an acidic gas.

He and his brother were dispelled when they tried to kill Laura under the pretense of protecting Galamonaro.

This is a support NPC.