Wolf of Fire Shayateen by WindSeeker

Advs and DisavdsEdit

Advs: very tough armor, magma breath, able to shift from dragon to wolf, hammerhead tail

Disadvs: weak point, fire attacks cancelled by water, vulnrable in wolf form


Name: Arceus

Gender: Male

Breed: Hybrid

Age: ???

Ties: Friends with Lily


Arceus appears passive for the most part, but can turn aggressive quickly. He has a hot-headed temperment which is often calmed by his friend, Lily. Arceus meets challenges head on. He however isn't a sore loser and will respect any agreements made on challenges. He favors his dragon form but will often keep his wolf form to keep from drawing attention to himself. Arceus has a bit of an ego to him, making him stubborn about admitting weaknesses or faults.

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